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In order to ensure users safely use the services provided, the website’s privacy protection and information security policy is presented below:

  1. Privacy Protection Policy
    1. This “Privacy Protection Policy” applies to user’s personal data collected on the website and any information provided by users. When a user accesses the website and browses webpages or checks service functions, the server automatically creates a record that includes the user’s IP location, time of use, data browsed and selected. However, this information is only used to conduct website traffic analysis and Internet behavior surveys designed to improve the quality of services on the website. In addition, when a user expresses opinions by E-mail or makes related enquiries records of such communications are saved to facilitate future contacts or notifications.

    2. This website adheres to the provisions of the “Personal information Protection Act” in guaranteeing users’ right to privacy and confidentiality and ensuring related data will not be used for other purposes. However, this does not apply when clear prior authorization is obtained, such actions observe existing legal provisions, are requested by judicial or other authorities on the basis of due legal process, preserve the public interest or protect the legal rights of the website.

  2. Information Security Policy

    All unauthorized attempts to undermine the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the website are strictly forbidden. Violators will be investigated and dealt with according to the law. In order to ensure the security and continued operations of the website the following security measures are adopted:

    1. Installation of a firewall. This prevents illegal intrusion, damage or theft of data, illegally use of the website, thereby guarantees the rights of users.


    2. Establishment of a secure and trustworthy information operational environment that guarantees the security of data, systems, equipment and networks.


    3. Maintain computer network system security and quality to guarantee the accuracy and efficiency of network transmitted data.


    4. Prevent unauthorized systems access and guard against the danger to system security posed by improper software and computer viruses.


    5. Prevent the misuse or sabotage of information facilities to exclude use that is non business related or exceeds authorized scope.


    6. Ensure the normal operation of information business to avoid potential dangers resulting from accidental or human factors.


    7. Maintain the normal operation of various information business by strictly forbidding misconduct, including malicious attacks and transmissions.