Overseas Compatriot Card Specially-engaged Store Introduction (4) Medfirst

MedFirst Healthcare Services,lnc was established on December 4, 1990. It was the first medical supplies chain service institution led by a team of doctors in Taiwan. Medfirst became the first  medical supplies retail channel company listed on the OTC market  in 2014. It has more than 250 directly operated stores in Taiwan and China and provides over 30,000  medical appliance and home health products. The best service quality is provided to customers through direct store operation and in-store medical professionals. Medfirst’s customer service is based on “medical professionalism,” with the core values of nursing “consideration, care” extended to become the main principle and objective of the sale of medical supplies. In future, Medfirst’s sale of medical supplies will expand and operations will be diversified to extend the aforementioned service ideas.

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For more about Medfirst, please visit: https://reurl.cc/Wg1Qk