Overseas Compatriot Card Specially-engaged Store Introduction (3)Matsu Liquor Factory Industry Co., Ltd.

Matsu Liquor Factory Industry Co., Ltd.

Matsu Liquor Factory was established in March 1956 to meet the liquor needs of the military personnel and residents on the islands of Matsu. Servicemen with liquor making skills from all over were recruited from various military units and a distillery was established at Niujiao Village, Matsu, initially called Chung-Hsin liquor Factory (Zhongxing Distillery). It was renamed Matsu Liquor Factory in 1970. After Matsu’s status as a battlefield ended in 1992, Matsu Liquor Factory came under the control of Lienchiang County Government until it was restructured and became Matsu Liquor Factory Industry Co., Ltd. in 1991. It is one of the big three liquor companies in Taiwan.

Surrounded by sea, Matsu Liquor Factory is blessed with granite water, climate, craft and tunnels for aging, four conditions that combine perfectly to make excellent liquor. Made using the traditional pure sorghum solid-state fermentation technique, the liquor is naturally aged in constant-temperature, constant-humidity tunnels. The final-product sorghum liquor is bright in color, full in texture, has a delicate, elegant flavor and distinctive creamy, sweet, clean and refreshing character. Matsu Liquor Factory’s fine sorghum liquor products have continually received good reviews  internationally for more then 60 years.

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For more information about Matsu Liquor Factory Industry Co., Ltd, please go to: https://reurl.cc/6x7Dr