Overseas Compatriot Card Specially-engaged Store Introduction (1)A.S.O Shoes (Shui-Mu International Co., Ltd.)

Since the very beginning, A.S.O Shoes has strived to give customers the best products and quality; every pair of shoes is a perfect expression of its “diligent, attentive, compassionate” approach. With “true, good, beautiful, new” as the brand’s core values, constant refinement and R&D produce an endless stream of shoe styles that combine fashion, craftsmanship and function in one. A.S.O. Shoes is currently heading towards “shoes, leather accessories, clothes” all round development, continuing to innovate to actively mold brand appeal and professional image, enhance market competitiveness, win customer trust and achieve sustainable operation!

A.S.O. Shoes has brought out Taiwan’s first Dynamic Foot Pressure Measuring System. Patented Industrial Technology Research Institute technology and the expert interpretation of physical therapists are used to analyze four main foot health indicators and the results used as the basis to formulate a personalized foot care  strategy. Looking to the future, the A.S.O. Shoes group will continue to move forward and provide  more customers with professional, fashionable and comfortable  products and shopping services, retaining native soil industrial spirit while moving with the times, with roots in Taiwan, but eyes on the whole world.


Overseas Compatriot Card holders can enjoy a 5% discount at any A.S.O. Shoes store in Taiwan except those in department stores and shopping malls. For stores where the Overseas Compatriot Card discount is available, please go to:  https://is.gd/v3pkFj